Our business is structured to deliver high quality, quick turn, customer friendly precision metal finishing to customers at the most competitive price. The management team, with over 125 years of experience in precision metal finishing, employs continuous improvement tools and optimization theory to drive shop floor performance. The quality system at Associated Plating Company utilizes visual factory concepts and dedicated training sessions to achieve the highest quality output.

We structure our manufacturing processes, systems, and equipment around velocity based metrics in order to be extremely flexible, thereby reducing total cycle time to meet your delivery requirements. Associated Plating Company’s customer service and sales professionals are trained to respond quickly to customer requests and needs, which in turn drives our production-scheduling department.

Associated Plating Company is experienced in servicing the demanding needs of many end-markets.

We understand and are experienced with the qualification requirements (PPAP, APQP, White Paper, Design of Experiment) in addition to the process and shop floor controls necessary to service these various end markets.

Our team will work with you from product design through production to provide the most cost effective precision finishing service for your product’s end use, functionality, and manufacturability. When appropriate, Associated Plating Company will design, build, and implement dedicated manufacturing systems, personnel, and equipment for your product.

Due to the demanding requirements of our customers, Associated Plating Company is structured with various value added manufacturing support systems on site.

The entire team at Associated Plating Company is built around servicing your precision metal finishing requirements. We understand your need for superior performance in the areas of on time delivery, quality, customer service, and competitive pricing and look forward to exceeding your expectations. Our Business Development Department or Customer Service Department is available at (562) 946-5525 to discuss our service offerings.